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WordPress and WooCommerce custom search for "Search in my store" for Vedor pages

user1412 Published in April 24, 2018, 6:34 am

I have a woocommerce site that I have spent months customizing. I have tried combining so many plugins to get the features I need and eliminated so many. I'm new to wordpress as a novice coder so custom functions are my last resort when possible.

Im stuck on a weird issue, I need a "search in my store" tool. I'm using a Mutli-vendor plugin and a shop filter plugin and neither offer this feature or plan to offer it.

So currently if you are a customer in a seller's/Vendor's store and you use the search or filter(anywhere in the site), you are sent away from the store and redirected back to the main site shop page. This is terrible for the seller.

I thought I could use a hidden field for the seller id on the filter as a workaround, but then I still have the redirect issue and it seems like a bad idea all together.

AJAX has potential, but opens a whole new set of issues for design and mobile friendly displays.

I think this post is the right direction: Custom, separate search form and search results page in Wordpress

I'd appreciate and feedback or examples, before I spend anymore money with a developer with no reference of what I actually need. Its frustrating for both parties and I've paid to have things built twice, so everyone's input here matters a great deal to me, Stack has saved me so many items in the past.. Thanks all!

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