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wordpress website crash on https

Hengameh Vlizadeh
Hengameh Vlizadeh Published in 2018-01-12 21:20:51Z

I have this wordpress website: Hevaweb.ir and I recently bought a ssl certificate. The problem is when the site is on http protocol, it works correctly and without any problem, but when I access it via https, all of the pictures and menus will crash!!!

I have to refresh the website 3 or 4 times to shows the full contents correctly... (and it will crash again after cleaning the chrome caches and also use ctrl+f5 keys) I've already tried these methods:

  1. I installed the plugins to force Https on every pages (really-simple-ssl, wordpress HTTPS (ssl))
  2. I tried to redirect all URLs from https to http manually
  3. I checked that if the wordpress url and theme is set on Https in setting section
  4. I manually defined Https protocol for my website on wp-config and just in case to .htaccess file
  5. I checked the host to see if there is not problem

By the way, cloudflare is not installed either!

hutuh Reply to 2018-01-12 21:42:34Z

You're probably missing something, since you're using a theme, try this:

Step 1: Export all your WordPress database with phpMyAdmin for example to a SQL file;

Step 2: Replace all occurrences of http://yourwebsite to https://yourwebsite ;

Step 3: Delete the old tables and import the new SQL file with the changes;

Step 4: Check the theme configuration (some themes store their configuration in a file, so sometimes it's hard to find it)

If that doesn't work, try this:

01) Backup your files and database to a .sql file;

02) Delete the WordPress installation;

03) Upload the WordPress files(do not install) and the theme files;

04) Open the .sql file and replace all occurrences of http://yourwebsite to https://yourwebsite ;

05) Import the SQL file;

06) Activate the theme;

Sometimes we need to set all WordPress configuration before activating one theme.

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