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Why is my Excel with VBA very slow?

user1526 Published in May 21, 2018, 9:16 am

I know this post will get a lot of hate and thumbs down, but I do not know where else to go for someone to see why my excel is acting the way it is. If there is a forum for this, please do tell me so I will not put "unorthodox" posts in the future.

Details on my issue: I created a almost fully automated payroll excel file with formulas and VBA codes that activates on Worksheet deactivate events. However, I do not have cell change events, but even then, if I type on a cell even if it does not have a formula or VBA scripts, my excel will go into processing mode and hang my PC completely for 10-15 minutes. When the scripts activate, they may sometimes also freeze my PC for the next 10-15 minutes, and sometimes it will do so in a few seconds. I cannot alt+tab, I cannot break the scripts, I cannot exit the excel file, and I cannot open the task manager. I cannot paste my code here because it does not seem to be a code issue and it is too long.

70% of my code is in Worksheets("DTR") object 20% of my code is in Worksheets("Payroll Update") object 10% of my code is in Worksheets("DTR Summary"), Worksheets("Payroll Summary"), and ThisWorkbook.

Can anyone comment on the codes? I do not have extremely demanding scripts that should crash the file. I do not understand why it does though. Please refer below for the file I would really appreciate any advice to make things run faster.

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