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(1/1) MethodNotAllowedHttpException

user948 Published in June 20, 2018, 1:34 am

I am trying to update rows by routing to the edit.blade.php by writing in the web.php

"Route::get('/owner-information/edit/{id}', ['as' => 'owner-information.edit', 'uses' => 'OwnerInformatiionController@edit']);

and in the index.blade.php

{{ route('owner-information.update', $owner_info->id) }}

and after clicking update it shows thee following error:

(1/1) MethodNotAllowedHttpException
in RouteCollection.php (line 251)
at RouteCollection->methodNotAllowed(array('GET', 'HEAD', 'POST'))
in RouteCollection.php (line 238)
at RouteCollection->getRouteForMethods(object(Request), array('GET', 'HEAD', 
in RouteCollection.php (line 176)
at RouteCollection->match(object(Request))
in Router.php (line 546)
at Router->findRoute(object(Request))
in Router.php (line 525)
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