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tCassandraInput does not execute specific cql

Neeraj Bhikharee
Neeraj Bhikharee Published in 2018-01-13 06:27:39Z

I am working on a project and I chose to work with Talend Open Studio for Big Data. My project consist of using Cassandra database for data persistence. Even though I am new to it, I intend to use Talend to insert and retrieve data into Cassandra.

I was able to use the tCassandraOutput well and the result was promising.

But I have a major problem with the tCassandraInput component. It does not execute the proper cql. Hence I am not getting the required result.

I want to retrieve the id, Talend returns the whole column.

I need some help in regard of the tCassandraInput component.

I cannot upload the screenshots because I am new in StackOverflow.

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