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Setting up phpMyAdmin Configuration Status, for morons

user955 Published in May 22, 2018, 4:36 am

I looked at the manual, and if anything am more confused than when I started.

It describes an inscrutable feature called "Zero configuration" which is supposed to 'automatically create and configure' the database, and most importantly is 'on by default'. Well, that being the case, I'm not sure why then the pleasant alert telling me that all of my settings will be permanently lost after I sign out of this session if I don't back them up somewhere?

The description says that it will 'offer to create tables from the Operations tab' if the tables are not present in a database. Well, that never happened and the Operations tab shows no sign of being able to do anything like this.

Is there some secret ritual I need to perform to get it to activate this feature, or should I go through the extra hassle of "manual installation", or just forget about configuration storage and import settings every time I log on?

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