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Autolayout issue with collectionview cell

user995 Published in May 20, 2018, 10:04 am

I am having custom UIcollectionviewCell with 1 button and 3 labels.
I need to set proper autolayout for design.
here is my fisrt image which is going to be show all 4 labels
1. Image From Here

In this the fisrt label need to be resize width upto some maximum width. When content reach to the maximum width the content should be with [...].
The second label have to stick with first label with 20px horizontal space from first label
and third label need to be stick width second label with 10 px.
The second and third label have fix character length i.e 5
i have try some constraint like.
2nd Label
1st label
3rd label
3rd label [other constraint]
2nd label [other constraint]
By set this constarints i am getting o/p
then o/p of current constraint
Can anyone need to find solution how can i reach this constarint?Need o/p like this

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