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Xcode Instruments: Color Blended Layers (pink vs red)

user1102 Published in April 23, 2018, 9:00 pm

I've just made some view background not transparent. But the blended layer remained while testing in Instruments. Only the color of blended layer changed from red to pink. I haven't found what does pink color mean. Any thoughts?

From documentation:

Color Blended Layers. Shows blended view layers. Multiple view layers that are drawn on top of each other with blending enabled are highlighted in red. Reducing the amount of red in your app when this option is selected can dramatically improve your app’s performance. Blended view layers often cause slow table scrolling.

Here is the way my view looks after and before setting background to non transparent (look at labels with text):

Btw, these labels are not ordinary UIKit objects. They are ASTextNode objects from Texture framework.


It's not Misaligned Images, they have different colors:

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