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Instantly end CSS animation with JavaScript

user966 Published in April 24, 2018, 8:32 am

I have an input box with a CSS animation assigned to it, so when the page loads, it has a nice fade-in animation.

The CSS:

#search-box {
    /* ... */
    animation: 2s fade-in

@keyframes fade-in {
    from { opacity: 0 }
    to { opacity: 1 }

In some cases when the page is loaded (when a URL param exists), I'd like the input box's CSS animation to stop and instantly put the opacity to 1.

I've tried messing around with animation-play-state and attempting to override the opacity with !important but have had no luck.


let endAnimation = // ... boolean
if (endAnimation) {
    let elem = document.getElementById('search-box');
    // End the animation and set opacity to 1 somehow...


<input id="search-box">
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