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Working with Prestashop WS to pass orders externally

Malek Boubakri
Malek Boubakri Published in 2018-01-13 13:20:29Z

I'm asking for help on working with PS REST API,

First, i'm wondering if there is an official/non-official documentation for 1.6.x prestashop version WS API like this 1.4.x docs?

Second, I do like to pass orders externally (Mobile app), but it is impossible for me to do that regularly with the ws formal way. I do fill a well strestured JSON/XML object with all needed field and submit it using postman andd i recieve HTTP 500 everytime.

I know it is a popular topic and there is already questions for that perpose for other versions, anyway if anyone succeeded do that on PS 16 please feel free to help us on algorithm and may be to gives a well-passed order request JSON/XML object?

My shops PS versions: &

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