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Grails NO-SOURCE after compiling integration tests

user1559 Published in June 19, 2018, 4:33 pm

I'm having an issue in running integration tests in my grails project: basically, when I run grails test-app after a clean in my project what happens is the following:

:compileJava NO-SOURCE
:compileTestJava NO-SOURCE
:processTestResources NO-SOURCE
:compileIntegrationTestJava NO-SOURCE
:processIntegrationTestResources NO-SOURCE
:integrationTest NO-SOURCE

13 actionable tasks: 13 executed

But my integration test is not being run. I know it's being compiled since compileIntegrationTestGroovy is being executed properly and the source for the integration test is in the right place since I created it with grails create-integration-test, but why is the integrationTest task reporting NO-SOURCE?

I looked around my project to see if the default output for integration tests compilation had been changed, but it's never overridden.

My test source folder structure is as follows:

- src
    - integration-test
        - groovy
            <integration tests in here>
    - test
        - groovy
            <unit tests in here>

The unit tests are being executed as expected, it's just the integration tests that are being compiled but not ran.

What am I missing?

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