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TADOConnection.Close - connection still active on MS-SQL server

user770 Published in May 25, 2018, 9:04 am

I have several Delphi programs (XE3), that use a TADOConnection to connect to a MS-SQL Server. I recently checked the connections in the "MS SQL Server Management Studio"'s process list.

  • When the program starts, the connection is inactive, no connection in the server's process list.
  • When I open the connection it's shown in the process list - as expected.
  • When I close the connection (definitely the property "Connected" returns FALSE), the connection is still shown on the servers process list.

On the server the Connection is not closed until I close the program.

Is there a way to close the TADOConnection in a way that really removes the connection on the server without exiting the program?

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