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TagHelpers not being processed in views other than _Layout

Robert Burke
Robert Burke Published in 2018-02-09 20:55:04Z

I load a page and when I use a custom Layout it appears that the _ViewImports file may not being applied. Not sure how to troubleshoot this. If I set Layout = _Layout, the asp- tags work just fine (specifically asp-append-version). So it's not how I'm calling the view or the layout in my view. Nothing else changes except the name of the Layout I want.

It was my understanding that _ViewImports is loaded before any Layout that is specified and it gets applied globally. Also, from what I can tell, there is nothing special at the beginning of the _Layouts file that would force the loading of _ViewImports (especially considering I put any directives at the top of my _Layouts into _CustomLayout and I still got the same behavior).

I am using ASP.NET Core 1.1. Does anyone have any similar experiences and/or fixes? I'm sort of stumped.

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