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Access Instagram media without using Instagram API

user991 Published in August 16, 2018, 6:16 am

I have previously used the Instagram API to access public images by tag, location, etc. I created a new application and retrieved an access_token, but these public media searches no longer return any data. However, they return 200 statuses.

On the documentation, it says "applications not accepted" for the the public_content scope, which is required for these searches. So, it appears that the Instagram API is being deprecated.

This makes zero sense to me (which is why I'm posting here), since these types of searches are at the core of so many applications and services. I'm also confused by how these requests still return 200 responses.

I was wondering if there are other methods to access public content on Instagram, such as using the Facebook API. Does Instagram wants to entirely prevent developers from accessing public photos? Or is this just to port the Instagram API features to another API, like Facebook?

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