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How to use TVirtualStringTree AccessibleName or implement accessibility?

user1118 Published in July 21, 2018, 6:11 am

I can see that TVirtualStringTree has a property called AccessibleName yet, I don't see it working, that is, giving the string which is set to screen reader such as NVDA.

What I tried is setting this in the OnGetText event but that doesn't seem to produce any results (e.g. Sender->AccessibleName = "my node name";). All it reads is entire contents of the tree, not just a current node just the same as if I didn't make any change to the property, and if node is changed (using keyboard) it doesn't do anything.

What it should be reading is - Column name - column content - another column name - another column content etc. like it does with the regular TListView.

There seems to be an implementation of iAccessible interface here - https://github.com/Virtual-TreeView/Virtual-TreeView/blob/master/Source/VTAccessibility.pas

Can you share some example how to use VirtualTreeView built in accessibility to make the component readable to screen readers as it seems that such examples are really scarce?

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