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Showing parameter/arguments with Delphi Jedi JCLDebug

user1400 Published in July 21, 2018, 6:11 am

When an error occurs in my Delphi XE5 application, in my exception handler I am trying to get Jedi Code Library's JCLDebug.pas to show any parameters of method calls listed on the stack. I was hoping to get this information in a similar way to the way the Delphi IDE shows this information in its Call Stack debug window when you break during an exception, like this:

TestForm.DoSomething('A Test Parameter')



In my error handler, I get this a result similar to this with no parameter information:

[00F9701D]{Test.exe} TestForm.DoSomething$qqrx20System.UnicodeString (Line 138, "TestForm.pas")

[005E358B]{TestMonitor.exe} Vcl.Controls.TControl.Click$qqrv (Line 7340, "Vcl.Controls.pas")

I have initialised my error handling by calling during the units initialization section:

JclStackTrackingOptions:=JclStackTrackingOptions + [stStack, stRawMode];

Then when the exception handler is invoked, I call the following to get the call stack strings:

JclLastExceptStackListToStrings(FErrors, True, False, False);

Is it possible to get the parameters the methods were called with using JCLDebug?

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