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Redirect _escaped_fragment_ urls

user938 Published in May 21, 2018, 5:02 pm

I have SPA, and have ?_escaped_fragment_ hook to make the content visible for crawlers. Now I want to throw away this approach, and redirect (301) all the _escaped_fragment_ pages to simple symfony3.4 application

I have following routings:

  1. @CFG\Route("/", defaults={"page":1}, name="xxx1")
  2. @CFG\Route("/page/{page}", requirements={"page":"\d+"}, name="xxx2")
  3. What I have to do here to catch _escaped_fragment_ and redirect them properly?
  4. @CFG\Route("/about", name="xxx4")
  5. etc...

I've tried to do it like this: @CFG\Route("/{_escaped_fragment_}", name="xxx5") but it redirects to homepage anyway.

Please help me here. Thanks.

P.S. old urls have the format: https://domain/?_escaped_fragment_=/article/my-awesome-post

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