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Drupal 8: Extend user class

Maverick Published in 2018-02-12 13:00:03Z

Is there any way to extend User class form a custom module? I need to create a custom user class (e.g. Mymodule\User) that will use/override the existing User class methods or add some other custom methods.

Thank you

Reece Marsland
Reece Marsland Reply to 2018-02-15 13:54:52Z

You need to implement hook_entity_type_build().

Create a new class in your module that extends \Drupal\user\Entity\User.

use Drupal\user\Entity\User as BaseUser;

class MyUser extends BaseUser {

Then replace existing class with yours

use Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityTypeInterface;

 * @param EntityTypeInterface[] $entity_types
function my_module_entity_type_build(&$entity_types) {
  if (isset($entity_types['user'])) {

Make sure you rebuild your caches.

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