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UIKit theme variables ignored

user1430 Published in June 19, 2018, 4:19 pm

I'm using UIkit https://getuikit.com/


// UIKit themes for customizations
@import "uikit-theme/import.scss";
// UIKit Components (import only necessary components)
@import "uikit-components/import.scss";

both "variables" and "components" folder

... ecc
... ecc


// Base
@import "variables.scss";
@import "mixin.scss";
@import "base.scss";

// Elements
@import "link.scss";
@import "heading.scss";
@import "divider.scss";
... ecc

// Utilities
@import "animation.scss";
@import "width.scss";
@import "text.scss";
... etc
@import "position.scss";
@import "transition.scss";
@import "inverse.scss";

So, basically, in "theme" folder I simply can customize the app.

You can find the complete list of variabled in "theme/_variables.scss". For example

$global-font-family: Avenir, sans-serif;

In order to modularize customizations, you can copy $global-font-family from theme/_variables.scss and put in theme/_text.scss, so you know all customizations about text are placed in theme/_text.scss,

Anyway, this last step is not working so theme/_text.scss seems to be ignored.

Any idea?

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