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Make a SoapUI Soap Mock Response test step ignore certain messages

user1263 Published in June 23, 2018, 9:25 pm

We're working on a system that has the following message flow:

  1. The client sends a message to the system.
  2. The system sends one or more "ping" messages, each time in a new connection (asynchronously), to the client, to indicate it's alive.
  3. The system sends a final response message, in a new connection (asynchronously), to the client.

We would like to test the behaviour of the system with SoapUI.

Since we're dealing with asynchonous messages (the server initiating a new connection to the client), we're using soap mock response test steps.

We are only interested in verifying the final response message. The ping messages are irrelevant.

The problem: we don't know how many ping messages will be sent, before the final response.

I'm looking for a way to tell the soap mock response test step:

Please ignore messages containing "ping", and keep waiting until you get the final response.

I've been looking into programming the soap mock with a Groovy script, but I don't find a way to do such feat.

Does anyone know how to achieve this behaviour?

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