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Can I make a iOS App that can switch between FB accounts?

Gallymon Published in 2018-02-12 21:37:30Z

I'm writing an iOS App that uses the Graph API. It is all working well except I cannot log out from one FB user and log into another.

My desire is that a husband and wife (or an entire family) should be able to use my App to make FB posts.

I've found out that FB login information is shared by Safari and the native FB App. (See here) And that if I logout from my App and then try to login again, I do not get a new User and Password query unless I also log out from the native FB App (and maybe Safari as well?).

This sharing prevents my App from successfully switching between FB users unless I direct the FBSDKLoginManager to use FBSDKLoginBehaviorWeb.

In this specific case, I can logout and login as desired.

But, I've read in the Facebook Policy Documentation (see here) that for iOS Apps, the use of FBSDKLoginBehaviorWeb is restricted to kiosk mode apps only.

Am I missing something? Has anyone found a legal way through this quandary? Should I be able to write an iOS App that will allow a husband and wife to share and iPhone and switch between their FB accounts?

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