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TypeScript: Class Composition

Glenn Mohammad
Glenn Mohammad Published in 2018-02-12 23:12:54Z

Based on this awesome Composition over Inheritance video by MPJ, I've been trying to formulate composition in TypeScript. I want to compose classes, not objects or factory functions. Here is my effort so far (with a little help from lodash):

class Barker {
  constructor(private state) {}

  bark() {
    console.log(`Woof, I am ${this.state.name}`);

class Driver {
  constructor(private state) {}

  drive() {
    this.state.position = this.state.position + this.state.speed;

class Killer {
  constructor(private state) {}

  kill() {
    console.log(`Burn the ${this.state.prey}`);

class MurderRobotDog {
  constructor(private state) {
    return _.assignIn(
      new Killer(state),
      new Driver(state),
      new Barker(state)

const metalhead = new MurderRobotDog({ 
  name: 'Metalhead', 
  position: 0, 
  speed: 100, 
  prey: 'witch' 

metalhead.bark(); // expected: "Woof, I am Metalhead"
metalhead.kill(); // expected: "Burn the witch"

This resulting in:

TS2339: Property 'bark' does not exist on type 'MurderRobotDog'

TS2339: Property 'kill' does not exist on type 'MurderRobotDog'

What's the right way of doing class composition in TypeScript?

th3n3wguy Reply to 2018-02-13 01:01:19Z

Unfortunately, there is easy way to do this. There is currently a proposal to allow for the extends keyword to allow you to do this, but it is still being talked about in this GitHub issue.

Your only other option is to use the Mixins functionality available in TypeScript, but the problem with that approach is that you have to re-define each function or method that you want to re-use from the "inherited" classes.

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