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Transposition in TSQL

Pawel Published in 2018-02-13 09:36:18Z

I have a problem with transposition in TSQL.

I have a orginal table.

PVM_ID      PV_Code PV_Label  
106         IT100   dodatek PIt i Zus                                 
325         IT200   Potr. Pak. Rodziny                                
325         IT210   Potrecenie Senior                                 
327         IT300   Multispor (P)                                     
325         IT220   Pot. Multisport                                   
306         IT110   Samochod PiZ                                      
325         IT230   potr. Polisa                                      
325         IT240   Potr. Inne                                        
318         IT900   swiadcz. Niemat      

The resulting table must look like this


In excel is not a problem. Is it possible to do this in SQL

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