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Adding details for each box plot using bplot function

Anton Toha
Anton Toha Published in 2018-02-13 09:40:07Z

I am using the function bplot. What I want to is add some details next to each box to explain what it represents. For example, the first box is daylight hours, the second box is data concerning stock rates, and so on.

Legend gives me the following output:

I want this output (without the legend):

How do I add these details to my plot?

Sardar Usama
Sardar Usama Reply to 2018-02-13 10:11:27Z

The easiest thing to do is to manipulate XTicks and XTickLabels i.e. set XTicks from 1 to number of plots and XTickLabels to the labels you want.


%Sample data 
X = randn(30,4);
T = bplot(X,'points'); 
set(gca,'XTick', 1:4, 'XTickLabel', {'Day Light', 'Stock Rate', 'foo', 'baz'});

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