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generic interface type restricting another generic interface

user5866 Published in September 21, 2018, 8:04 am

How can I implement generic interface that restrict a type of interface that is generic?

interface A<T>

interface B<T> where T: class

I need the interface A<> to be restricted to interface B with any class type

I am thinking that it may look something like

interface A<T> where T : B<T>


interface A<B<T>> where T : class

but both doesnt seem to work

Any solution?

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    How does your first attempt "not work"? I'm not sure what exactly you are trying to achieve, but the first version misses the class constraint: interface A<T> where T : class, B<T> {} – René Vogt Feb 13 at 10:45
  • doesnt seem to work? In what way does it not work? Are you just missing the class constraint in A<T>? – DavidG Feb 13 at 10:45

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