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Images are opened differently when changing the Title

user913 Published in May 26, 2018, 9:33 pm

I'm have a list of image paths I'm opening and showing using this:

    for path in image_paths:
        print 'Path for the this image is: "{}"'.format(path)
        img = cv2.imread(path)

And it opens each image for 250 ms in the center-ish of the screen and moves to next image, as expected. When I change the 1st parameter of cv2.imshow("",img) into cv2.imshow("image {}".format(path[-7:-4]),img) which shuold show the title "image 001", "image XYZ" and so on, the images are opened differntly:

The 1st is opened in the center-ish screen, and the second is opened a bit to the right and to the bottom, and so on, until it reaches some kind of limit and jumps to the upper left corner of some invisible frame. Why is this happening?

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