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Python OpenCv cv2 equivalent for CV_FILLED

craastad Published in 2013-03-11 13:38:24Z

This works as expected:

cv2.rectangle(image, pt1, pt2, color, thickness=cv2.cv.CV_FILLED)

But I have not been able to find the equivalent constant in the cv2 interface. I know this is simply some negative value (from the documentation), but I like the readability of the constant in the code and would like to write the equivalent function in pure cv2.

Andrey Kamaev
Andrey Kamaev Reply to 2013-03-11 21:15:39Z

There is no equivalent at the moment. Most likely it will be added in next major release (2.5) and will be named cv2.FILLED.

Any way it is safe to assume that the exact value (cv2.cv.CV_FILLED == -1) will not be changed.

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