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Gstreamer with opencv how to setup parameters for icecast2

magic-sudo Published in 2018-02-13 18:26:07Z

I am building program where have to stream video to server because no display(hdmi) is available. I was testing streaming with videotestsrc and everything works fine, but using real data is problem. I don't know how to setup gstreamer for my data. How I can get format of my video?

I would like to stream black and white cv::Mat and 3chanell cv::Mat.

I was following this tutorial: https://www.google.sk/amp/s/schneide.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/streaming-images-from-your-application-to-the-web-with-gstreamer-and-icecast-part-1/amp/


Alper Kucukkomurler
Alper Kucukkomurler Reply to 2018-02-15 12:10:34Z

You can use OpenCv's videowriter directly and pass the pipe to videwriter. You need to replace videotestsrc with appsrc :

float fps = 25.0f; // or the fps you desire
int fourcc = 0;
bool is_color = true; // depending on your image
cv::VideoWriter writer;
writer.open("appsrc ! vp8enc ! webmmux ! shout2send ip= port=8000 password=hackme mount=/test.webm", fourcc,fps, frame.size());



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