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GUI Figure Unplottable

Eric Published in 2018-02-13 19:10:50Z

I created a plotting tool and its GUI. The tool lets you create blank figures with a specific tag so that I can only plot to the figures generated by the tool.

In other words, when I plot things with the tool, the GUI 'figure' is not an option to select (it doesn't have the tag). However, since it's still a figure, I can plot onto it from the command line. If I'm not careful by creating a blank figure with 'figure' command in the command line, the 'plot' command will plot on the tool's GUI and I end up relaunch the tool.

Is there a way to render this GUI unplottable? Matlab doesn't see it as the gcf so that 'plot' command will create a new blank figure to plot something.

Aero Engy
Aero Engy Reply to 2018-02-13 19:27:45Z

You need to set the GUI main figure's HandleVisibilty property to callback depending on how you setup your GUI. See Documentation

HandleVisibility is a property of all graphics objects. It controls the visibility of the object’s handle to three possible values:

  • on — You can obtain the object's handle with functions that return handles, such as (gcf, gca, gco, get, and findobj). This is the default behavior.
  • callback — The object's handle is visible only within the workspace of a callback function.
  • off — The handle is hidden from all functions executing in the command window and in callback functions.
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