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Wordpress Woocommerce Bulk product update

user1053 Published in March 17, 2018, 10:09 pm

I'm stuck on a wordpress issue. I need a frontend bulk product update function. Seems easy enough but I'm just not getting anywhere so I scrapped what I had and I'm starting new. I need this to be reliable for my members.

This is where I'm looking for code reference on update and product data fields:

  1. stackoverflow: Add Product example

  2. Wordpress docs:wp_update_post

  3. Stack Exchange: Refresh on update

I think I am seeking a best approach to either extend a Woo class with bulk option or use WP function in a loop. Also the Products look far more challenging than a simple post. In either case I'm not getting anywhere.

So my official question has 2 parts:

  • Whats the best/recommended approach to adding CRUD function to the front of WordPress for reliability?
  • What would that function look like, separate function or class? ( I believe this answer would solve many other questions about working with Woo on the frontend )
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