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Is it possible to insert component selector tags using string interpolation or property binding?

user9356978 Published in 2018-02-13 20:45:32Z

Suppose I have 10 components having the selectors as (had to insert full stops for preventing them from being ommitted )

<. app-comp1 .> <. app-comp2 .> ... <. app-comp10 .>

In the parent component I want to insert only one of the above ten based on a property having the name of the component. Eg. this.component = 'comp7' So I should only include <. app-comp7 .>

P.s. i know it can be accomplished by ngIf. But that would mean writing 10lines. I need to use shorter code.

vincecampanale Reply to 2018-02-13 21:37:31Z

No, it is not possible to have dynamic tags in your HTML. You don't necessarily need to have 10 *ngIf's to accomplish this kind of behavior however. Using ComponentFactoryResolver and an entry component, you can dynamically insert whichever component you want into your DOM.

An example of how this might look:

  template: `<div #entry></div>`
export class MyComponent implements AfterContentInit {
  @ViewChild('entry', {read: ViewContainerRef})
  entry: ViewContainerRef;

  constructor(private resolver: ComponentFactoryResolver) {}

  ngAfterContentInit() {
    // Get your component's class here and save it in a variable
    const dynamicComponent = some condition ? ComponentOne : ComponentTwo;
    const factory = this.resolver.resolveComponentFactory(dynamicComponent);


Note that this must happen in the AfterContentInit lifecycle hook.

Edit: In response to your comment which is that the ComponentFactoryResolver is too complex, I would argue it is much simpler than using many *ngIf directives. This moves the complexity into a simple function rather than many lines of complex markup. Unfortunately, since you cannot use dynamic HTML tags, these are the two best options for what you want to do.

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