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MATLAB Functions setting up

adamoum Published in 2018-02-14 04:26:31Z

As a MATLAB function C =|y''(xo)|/1 + (y'(xo))2)^3/2 2 Where y'(x) is the first derivative of the y with respect to x evaluated at xo, and y'' is the second derivative of y with respect to x evaluated at xo. And letting xo be a particular point of interest. Another important characteristic of curves, is the radius of curvature R: R =1/C Finally, we can also calculate the arc-length L of the curve between two arbitrary points x1 and x2. L =int from x1 to x2 sqrt1 + (y'(x))2 dx Using the above equations, complete the following questions. You will have two files for this problem. The first one will be your normal MATLAB file, and the second one will be your function file. Include a heading for both files and make sure your code runs correctly before you submit.

(a) Create a function named ’curvature’ with three outputs: Curvature C, Radius R, and Arc Length L, in that specific order. The function will have four inputs, a symbolic equation y, a specific point of interest xo and two values specifying the range of the curve x1 and x2, in that order. In the function create a symbolic variable x.

This is what I put in : function [C,R,L]= curvature ('I do not know what to put in here as my input...) syms x C=... the equation for C R=.. equation for R L=then the integral.

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