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Merge two ArrayLists with no duplicate subclasses

user1015 Published in June 19, 2018, 11:53 pm


public abstract class Cars {}


public class Ford extends Cars {}


public class Dodge extends Cars {}


public class Volkswagen extends Cars {}


If I have two ArrayList objects:

List<Cars> dealer1 = new ArrayList<>;
List<Cars> dealer2 = new ArrayList<>;

dealer1.addAll(asList(new Ford("ford1"), new Dodge("dodge1")));
dealer2.addAll(asList(new Dodge("dodge2"), new Volkswagen("vw1")));

I then want to create a merged list from the two with only one instance of each subclass, such that:

dealerMerged = ["ford1", "dodge1", "vw1"]


dealerMerged = ["ford1", "dodge2", "vw1"]

It doesn't matter which instance makes it into the merged list.

Is this possible? I had a search through and saw something about using Set but that seems to only ensure unique references, unless I've badly misunderstood something.

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