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Issue with SVG tspans not aligning with text-anchor="end"

user1967 Published in June 20, 2018, 12:08 am

I have a bit of code like this:

svg {font-family:Verdana,sans-serif;color:#000;}
.key    {font-size:75%;overflow:visible;}
.caphgh {font-weight:bold;}
.keynor {font-weight:normal;}
.keysub {font-weight:normal;font-size:85%;}
.keyshf,.keyctl,.keyalt     {text-anchor:end;}
.keyshf {fill:#077BC7;} /* CIE-L*ch ( 50, 47,270)   blue    */
.keyctl {fill:#028946;} /* CIE-L*ch ( 50, 55,150)   green   */
.keyalt {fill:#ED0631;} /* CIE-L*ch ( 50, 88, 30)   red */
.yel    {fill:#CEB46C;} /* CIE-L*ch ( 74, 40, 90) */
.non    {fill:none;}
.rec    {stroke:#000;stroke-width:1;}
<svg class="key" x="631.5" y="253.5" width="69" height="69">
    <rect class="rec yel" x="0.5" y="0.5" rx="4" ry="4" width="68" height="68"/>
    <text class="caphgh" x="2.5" y="16.5">K</text>
    <text class="keynor" x="2.5" y="22.5">
        <tspan x="2.5" dy="14">Next</tspan>
        <tspan x="2.5" dy="14">Near</tspan>
        <tspan x="2.5" dy="14">Friend</tspan>
    <text class="keysub" y="0.5">
        <tspan class="keyshf" x="68.5" dy="12">Base</tspan>
        <tspan class="keyctl" x="68.5" dy="12">Plant</tspan>
        <tspan class="keyalt" x="68.5" dy="12">Jump</tspan>

The problem is with the last three tspans. They are all right-aligned, but in Chrome and Firefox the last of the three is closer to the right edge than the first two. In IE 11 this does not happen.

Can anyone tell me what the cause might be? Here is a screenshot:


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