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Firebase Storage - How to install iOS over-the-air

user1041 Published in May 23, 2018, 6:53 pm

iOS OTA install is not working with Firebase Storage, and my guess is it is because the storage URL has query strings attached to it like so:


When I use the Amazon S3 URL that ends with .plist it works fine, and when I erase the query part, the following code at leasts responds--although it says it can't connect:

let url = URL(string: "itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=\(str)")! UIApplication.shared.openURL(url)

With the query string in place, it doesn't even respond.

I did some searching, and it's not because the URL is not percent escaped. The S3 URL also had no percent escape, but it worked fine.

In short, my question is

  1. Is it possible to install with Firebase Storage?
  2. If not, is it possible to install the app having download the plist file in advance?

Thank you.

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