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How to set Audio streaming URL as AVAudioFile?

user916 Published in June 21, 2018, 4:40 am

I am following this tutorial :https://miguelsaldana.me/2017/03/13/how-to-create-a-soundcloud-like-waveform-in-swift-3/

My code given below .There is an exception :

Error Domain=com.apple.coreaudio.avfaudio Code=2003334207 “(null)” UserInfo={failed call=ExtAudioFileOpenURL((CFURLRef)fileURL, &_extAudioFile)}

   let file = try! AVAudioFile(forReading: AudioLink)  //Got Exception Here

    let format = AVAudioFormat(commonFormat: .pcmFormatFloat32, sampleRate: file.fileFormat.sampleRate, channels: file.fileFormat.channelCount, interleaved: false)
    let buf = AVAudioPCMBuffer(pcmFormat: format!, frameCapacity: UInt32(file.length))
    try! file.read(into: buf!)

    //     print("floatArray \(readFile.arrayFloatValues)\n")
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