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Animating item in recyclerview outside of parent

Ayman Alkurdi
Ayman Alkurdi Published in 2018-02-14 09:11:54Z

I'm trying to animate a view in recyclerview outside of its parent,

I have added animation on image click which is in recyclerview.

Please note that the animation is working but the animation is not visible outside the single item layout of the recycler view.

I tried to make all the parent enabled = false

   public static void setAllParentsClip(View v, boolean enabled) {
    while (v.getParent() != null && v.getParent() instanceof ViewGroup) {

        ViewGroup viewGroup = (ViewGroup) v.getParent();
        v = viewGroup;

But not give what I'm looking for

I also tried to add


for all the Parent but the same result

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