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Limit the value of angle theta in ezpolar plot

user822 Published in May 23, 2018, 4:42 pm

I am trying to plot the function as shown in figure above

where the red curve denote for V = 200*1.6*1e-22 and the blue curve denotes for V = 285*1.6*1e-22

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syms phi
l = 50*1e-9;
D   = 200*1e-9;
E  = 80*1.6*1e-22;
v  = 1e+6;
h  = 6.626*1e-34/(2*pi);
V  = 200*1.6*1e-22;
ky = (2*pi/l).*sin(phi);

q_x = sqrt((E - V).^2./((h*v).^2 - ky.^2));

% vpa(q_x,5)
T = cos(phi).^2./(1 - cos(q_x.*D).^2.*sin(phi).^2);


it works great but i want to show the plot only between the -90 < phi < 90, i tried ezpolar(T,[-pi/2 pi/2]) it gives the plot in region -90 to 90 but the empty region does also appear. How to remove that left half semicircular area where the plot is not there.

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