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Using android backup sevice as a preventive measure for piracy

Vendetta8247 Published in 2018-02-14 09:29:39Z

I'm working on a paid application that is currently already published to the market and I found out that it's being pirated successfully. We have added layers of protection to the client and server side but it may not be 100% enough. Recently I stumbled on a service for Android Backup. And it made me thinking if it's possible to use this service to prevent piracy. The question is:

Will people be able to upload a backup if they didn't buy the application or it's not connected to the licensing at all?

Stephan Branczyk
Stephan Branczyk Reply to 2018-02-14 10:56:26Z

If the licensing stuff from Google is not successfully preventing piracy for you, then the backup functionality offered from Google is not going to work for that purpose either.

There is absolutely zero reason to believe the backup functionality is more secure (or even as secure) than the licensing check.

You can just check it for yourself. Use a rooted phone (or use the emulator) and check out for yourself if you can still access through the linux file system what you're backing up through the Android manifest. And yes, you won't have any problem doing so (as long as you use the emulator or use another rooted device).

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