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Bengali not show properly in itext 5

Zahidul Islam
Zahidul Islam Published in 2018-02-14 09:33:12Z

I am trying to create a pdf to the Bengali language.But not show in a proper format.

`Paragraph presAdviceVal = new Paragraph();
presAdviceVal.add(new Chunk(" \u00BB "+"\u0986\u09b2-\u09ac\u09bf\u09b0\u09c1\u09a8\u09c0\u09b9\u09be\u09b8\u09aa\u09be\u09a4\u09be\u09b2 \u09b2\u09bf\u09ae\u09bf\u099f\u09c7\u09a1"));

    banglaFont = BaseFont.createFont("/assets/fonts/vrinda.ttf", BaseFont.IDENTITY_H,BaseFont.EMBEDDED);
             customBangla = new Font(banglaFont, 10);

anyone can help me ?

Joris Schellekens
Joris Schellekens Reply to 2018-02-14 10:00:16Z

Certain scripts such as Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Devanagari, Punjabi, etc use advanced typography features.

These can typically not be rendered with iText5. In iText7 this can be achieved by using pdfCalligraph. An add-on that knows the advanced features of all of these scripts and automatically applies them based on the glyphs and characters being used.

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