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trying to make a custom front page using wordpress

S. N
S. N Published in 2018-02-14 11:03:03Z

i ma working with WordPress, I am trying to change the front page of a website, by making it into different sections:

(an image that covers the header, menu and a slider with 3 pictures that changes ever few seconds) one section has the images of our partner companies, in the next section I talked about our employees, next section a quote about the company with costume background image next section our services, then contact information (just address) finally a small footer.

I also want to know where I can find the middle section that the title is highlighted blue and there is just one line under it. Is this part a seprate page ?

How can I make my front page into different sections, this is what it lookalike:

something like this templates. I am new to wordpress and I need a little help can someone help me out here?

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