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How to connect 2 REST api's together

john doi
john doi Published in 2018-02-14 12:15:53Z

I am working on an online shop using 3dcart, i want to connect the store to an inventory management store called ChannelGrabber. Channel Grabber has provided me with a public and private key with some bits of their API.

$ curl -v -X POST -d "grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=f836e7675c46adbc33d98e32c06dfc6f&client_secret=2f4e72f89bda7f15062a2ba9d107adb5" https://api.orderhub.io/accessToken
> POST /accessToken HTTP/1.1
> User-Agent: curl/7.35.0
> Host: api.orderhub.io
> Accept: */*
> Content-Length: 119
> Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
< ...response headers...
    "access_token": "aVSyKhKNPi5XXJqlIMCNfeZwSfvTvasTcWyX2lv2",
    "token_type": "Bearer",
    "expires_in": 3600

 $ curl -v -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer aVSyKhKNPi5XXJqlIMCNfeZwSfvTvasTcWyX2lv2" https://api.orderhub.io/ping
    > GET /ping HTTP/1.1
    > User-Agent: curl/7.35.0
    > Host: api.orderhub.io
    > Accept: */*
    > Authorization: Bearer aVSyKhKNPi5XXJqlIMCNfeZwSfvTvasTcWyX2lv2
    < ...response headers...

3d cart have provided the following git project has an example of how to connect up to their clients API. https://github.com/3dcart/REST-API-Client/tree/master/3dCartRestAPIClient.

My issue is that i have basically no idea on how to go about connecting the 2 services up. What language to use other then using Json but i'm not even sure that is possible, I'm only still a student and still quite new to the world of programming so i don't want to have to say i can't do this project and i would quite like to learn how to do this.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Damian Robert
Damian Robert Reply to 2018-02-14 12:27:34Z

REST (Representational state transfer) is a way of interfacing your data. The idea is that the action should be defined by the HTTP request method (GET, PUT, POST etc.), while the URL should have no verb/action, just kind of data.

JSON is just the way of communication between server and client. It's like 2 people deciding to speak the same language.

Now, in your client, you can make requests to as many services as you need, and interpret the results. This can be achieved in virtually any programming language. You will find a lot of libraries for both handling HTTP request and parsing JSON responses.

As for the right direction. Pick a programming language you are more familiar with (if it's hard to decide I would recommend python which is fairly easy to start with) and look for libraries for sending HTTP request and parsing json strings.

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