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Liquibase - Add defaultValueComputed as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP to timestamp column

Suraj Prajapati
Suraj Prajapati Published in 2018-02-14 18:10:21Z

I am using liquibase 3.5.3 to run liquibase update command on MySql 5.5. I have below changeSet to create a table which has a column as Created_Time that should have a default value as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

<changeSet author="authorName" id="AutoGeneratedId">
    <createTable tableName="aTable">
        <column autoIncrement="true" name="Id" type="INT">
            <constraints primaryKey="true"/>
        <column name="Code" type="VARCHAR(45)"/>
        <column defaultValueComputed="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" name="Created_Time" type="TIMESTAMP(19)"/>

While firing liquibase command it throws an exception as Unexpected error running Liquibase: Invalid default value for 'Created_Time' [Failed SQL: CREATE TABLE aTable (Id INT AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL, Code VARCHAR(45) NULL, Created_Time TIMESTAMP(19) DEFAULT NOW() NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_ATABLE PRIMARY KEY (Id))]

Liquibase is converting CURRENT_TIMESTAMP into NOW() that might be causing this issue.

Can some please provide me any solution or alternative to this issue?

Duminda Jayarathne
Duminda Jayarathne Reply to 2018-02-16 12:42:54Z

Add type as 'TIMESTAMP' as following

<column defaultValueComputed="CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" name="Created_Time" type="TIMESTAMP"/>
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