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Powerpoint Textbox not updating Export

user1473 Published in June 19, 2018, 4:25 pm

Hello I have the following code, I have two slides, the last one (slide 70) being a report. The previous 69 have various checklists that a user enters as it is filled out. Upon reaching the end, the user enters the serial number and then the report slide is exported to a folder for further review. I have 2 questions, whenever I try and change the export to PDF instead of PPT I get the following error. Does anyone know why this is occuring.

The second issue, and perhaps the more important, whenever I run this macro from the VBA window the file is exported and the textbox is updated, but when I run the Macro by clicking the commandbutton, the file exports with the proper name but the textbox text has not updated. Does anyone know why the following code fails to run properly in presentation mode?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim SerialNumText   As String
Dim FinalName       As String

'Choose the slide with the serial number box on it for filenaming
 SerialNumText = ActivePresentation.Slides(67).Shapes("SerialNumber").OLEFormat.Object.Text
'The name of the file is the assembly number followed by serial number
FinalName = "Part Number" & SerialNumText

'On the final Slide set report boxes with the filled in data

This is where I seem to be having troubles

ActivePresentation.Slides(70).Shapes("TextBox1").OLEFormat.Object.Text = SerialNumText

  End Sub
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