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Creating a url rewrite module in prestashop

user8136 Published in September 19, 2018, 11:21 am

I'm trying to build my own custom prestashop module. The module is very simple. It needs to read the url and if the url of the visitor is equal to an product code it needs to redirect the user to that specific product page. For this i'm using the following url:


So when the visitor, for example, tries to visit the page:


a query has to start running and has to search for that 'ean13' product code. If the product code exists the user needs to be redirected to the specific products page.

So i've already build the basics of my module and currently the setup is the image below:

As you can see the module only consists of two files. The main module configuration file "customRoute.php" and a controller in "controllers/front/routeController.php"

The code of both files below:


if (!defined('_PS_VERSION_'))

class customRoute extends Module {

    public function __construct()
        $this->name = 'customRoute';
        $this->tab = 'front_office_features';
        $this->version = '1.0.0';
        $this->author = 'Niels van Enckevort';
        $this->need_instance = 0;
        $this->ps_versions_compliancy = array('min' => '1.6', 'max' => _PS_VERSION_);
        $this->bootstrap = true;


        $this->displayName = $this->l('custom routes');
        $this->description = $this->l('Custom routes.');

        $this->confirmUninstall = $this->l('Are you sure you want to uninstall?');

        if (!Configuration::get('customRoute'))
            $this->warning = $this->l('No name provided');

    public function install()
        if (Shop::isFeatureActive())

        if (!parent::install() ||
            !$this->registerHook('ModuleRoutes') ||
            !$this->registerHook('header') ||
            !Configuration::updateValue('customRoute', 'my test')
            return false;

        return true;

    public function uninstall()
        if (!parent::uninstall() ||
            return false;

        return true;

    public function hookDisplayHeader()
        $this->context->controller->addCSS($this->_path.'css/mymodule.css', 'all');

    public function hookModuleRoutes($params)
        return [
                'customRoute-customRouteRouteControllerModuleFrontController-root' => [
                'rule' => 'ean13/{:ean13}/{rewrite}.html',
                'controller' => 'routeController',
                'keywords' => [
                    'ean13' => ['regexp' => '[0-9]+', 'param' => 'ean13']
                'params' => [
                    'fc' => 'module',
                    'module' => 'customRoute'


class CustomRouteRouteControllerModuleFrontController extends moduleFrontController {
    public function postProcess()
        $query = new DbQuery();
            ->from('product_attribute', 'pa')
            ->where('pa.ean13 = ' . (int)Tools::getValue('ean13'));
        $productId = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->getValue($query);
        if ($productId) {
        } else {

I need to mention that i did obtain this code with some help since this is the first custom module i'm writing. I think i'm missing a, or multiple key items and hope that someone could help me out with those things.

The module is installed and loaded in the front so it has nothing to do with the install but with the functions build up i'm using.

if you have any questions please ask them in the comments section As always, thanks in advance!

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