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Grails render view with objects from other domains

user1144 Published in April 26, 2018, 1:47 pm

What I have is two, related domain objects.

First is:

class VideoCategory {

    String videoCategoryName

    static constraints = {
        videoCategoryName nullable: false

Then I have:

class Video {

    VideoCategory videoCategory
    String fileName
    String videoTitle
    String videoDescription

    static constraints = {
        fileName nullable: false
        videoTitle nullable: true
        videoDescription nullable: true

What I want is a create page for Video that will show not the videoCategoryId from the VideoCategory object, but the videoCategoryName itself in the scaffold dropdown. I want to use the id as a FK, but render the name...then upon save I want to save the id instead. I'm pretty new to Java/Groovy ways of thinking. In python/flask I might just ensure that the objects are all imported in my views and then I can call them directly and render_view with that data and then embed the id as the value for saving while render the videoCategoryName value in the markup.

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