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Redirect Using .htaccess file - Page/pagenumber

user1107 Published in July 20, 2018, 1:08 am

I am stuck with my limited knowledge of .htaccess file.

i am migrating from one site to another. lets say my old site is cws and my new site is sa

my old site cws urls are with cws/category/category name.. while my new website sa is without category.

I also change the slug of the categories.

i write a rule like

RewriteRule ^category/love/(.*) https://newdomain.com/angry-relationship-advise/$1 [R=301,L]

now on the google search i saw my categories pages are also index.

now if someone click on google like

http://oldsite/category/love/ its redirecting to https://newdomain.com/angry-relationship-advise

But if someone click on

http://oldsite/category/love/page/2 or http://oldsite/category/love/page/3 it didn't redirect to

https://newdomain.com/angry-relationship-advise/page/2 or https://newdomain.com/angry-relationship-advise/page/3

Can anyone help me with this. i have tried (.*) or $1 but its working for base url.. not with pages.

Looking for your help.

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