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re-call variable attached function from another function

user1108 Published in May 21, 2018, 3:11 am

Sorry if my question title is somewhat confusing, but I have no idea on how to ask this question in a single sentence...

I have this code:

clientInformation = (function() {
//var priser = null;
        'async': false,
        'global': false,
        'cache': false,
        'url': stepp+'json/dataFile.json?ver='+Math.random(),
        'dataType': "json",
    'success': function(data) {
            clientInformation = data;
        //console.log('client collected',data);
    return clientInformation;

Which runs on page load. IF there's a change in the dataFile.json I would like to reload the above script.

I would expect that If I type:


the function would fire again, but... All I get is: "clientInformation is not a function".

I have tried:


How can I re-call the above function without having to rewrite or create a separate function to do the same job over again ?

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