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Health check PostgreSQL database

user1276 Published in April 22, 2018, 10:08 pm

I want to create a Perl script that performs a health check on my PostgreSQL database. For now I have these categories to check, and the next step is to look into them to look how to perform the checks in Perl.

I want to complete the checks I can perform. Could someone add categories/system checks to my list?

The ultimate goal is to run a script that will execute (probably SQL) code and this will export it in a nice txt file so that I can have a health check of my database.

My categories are

  • OS check (up time, version (check for update) )
  • Log files:
    • Where are they located, copy them all to a back up folder
    • Is a back up performed recently (was it run successfully?)
  • Memory usage:

    • Table size , disk size , ...
    • Check the vacuum
  • Config files:

    • Show the config files (postgres.conf) to show the configuration settings
  • Show current connections and other connections information
  • Get the slowest queries and a report of all the previous slowest queries

Do you find anything else missing in the list that is crucial for a health check on progress?

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