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Gradient of implicit symbolic expression in Matlab

user1283 Published in May 26, 2018, 11:39 pm

The situation I have is as follows: I have a symbolic expression like:

syms X Y Z K
P=[0 0 200];


Where Y and Z are defined as symbolic. Ra and P are vectors. I need to get the gradient of Sa but I get an error:

G=gradient(Sa,[Y Z]);

Error using symengine (line 59)
The first argument must be of type 'Type::Arithmetical'.

Error in sym/gradient (line 39)
    res = mupadmex('symobj::gradient',fsym.s,x.s);

But if I write the same expression as:


I get the expected result

G=gradient(Sa,[Y Z])

G(X, Y, Z) =

 2*Z - 400

Does anyone knows why this is so and if there's any way of using the implicit expression as this is a particular case but in general I have different implicit expressions and my code should be able to deal with them.

I've read the documentation on gradient and some sites, but if I found the answer I didn't notice.

I believe I could use the second form but still, I am curious about this subject. Thanks for your time.

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